I am 15 years old and I can remember baking and cooking since I was little. I am in ninth grade and I go to Collins Hill Highschool. I started filling cookie tins with homemade cookies as gifts for my family and friends. I started with holiday classics like spritz cookies, decorated sugar cookies, and snowball cookies. Then I started experimenting with more difficult recipes and ideas of my own. I began making mint chocolate chip cookies, chocolate peppermint cookies, salted caramel cookies, cheesecake cookies, and white chocolate cranberry cookies. My family and friends love my cookies at Christmas time! I’ve been told they look forward to my Christmas cookie tins every year.

I have been playing soccer for as long as I can remember. My mom says I started when I was four. A few years ago, on March 12, 2015, the soccer fields is where it all began. I was 10 when I started Quani’s Baked Goods. I cut the top off of a large box, put holes in the sides, and tied an old karate belt through the holes. I put the strap around my neck, filled the box with my baked goods, and headed to the soccer field to sell on the sidelines. I sold out within two hours and I began doing this every weekend between my games.

When I first started Quani’s Baked Goods I sold cookies, brownies, and soft pretzels. Over the years my menu has progressed to include most of the items listed on the product list on this site.

Now I’m a finalist on season six of Masterchef Junior! You can watch on Hulu. I will also be joining Masterchef Junior’s live tour in fall 2020. I will show off some of my amazing recipes. And share some of my tips and tricks.

Stay tuned! I am currently making Youtube videos where I show how to make different foods.

People ask me who my inspiration is and I say my mom.

Stay Sweet!!!